change tube-type tyre on motorcycle by hand easily

Change a tube-type tyre by hand easily

How to change  a motorcycle tyres by hands.Basically  we can make it under  5 minutes .So,I’ll share with you today the basic technique to make a tyre change quickly as i mentioned.

Changing or installing a tube-type tyre is more difficult than tubeless-type tyre because the tube is often blow up if had a little don’t have a bunch of tubes aren’t  you?   :p 

Image how to change tyre

what is tube-type tyre?

A tube-type tyre is the tyre which has a tube inside,that’s a different between tubeless tyre and tube-type tyre.

What the technique did I used?

Most important thing is to perform the job is the tools called a Tyre Lever.I’m  sure you already  know about this tool.If you don’t have yet,you can find its at a motorcycle workshop  or hardware shop.

Image of tyre lever
Tyre lever

Tips to perform tyre installation 

1.The tube must loads  by little air before put inside the tyre.The reason to be doing this is to prevent the tube clutched by tire . (Always happened)

2.put some oil on the side of the tire so that can make easier for tyre   installing

3. Use the flat part of the tyre lever when inserting and curve part when pull of the tyre.

Image of tyre lever instruction

How to use a tyre lever

I found this in internet,I think it’s the way how to use a tyre lever ,although this was presented to bicycle but it’s similar for motorcycle tyre.

Step 1

Insert the flat part of the lever between the tire sidewall and wheel rim. Pull down on the lever to pry up the sidewall, and attach the hooked end of the lever to a wheel spoke.

Step 2

Slip the second lever into the space you just pried up next to the first lever. Pull down on the lever to push up the tire sidewall.

Step 3

Grip the wheel firmly and slide the second lever along the wheel rim. Some force will be needed, but you should be able to pry out the tire sidewall from the wheel rim.

Step 4

Remove both levers once one sidewall has been pulled out. Insert one lever from the same side, under the tire and tube and outside the opposite tire wall.

Step 5

Apply pressure to the lever and slide it along the wheel rim to pull the tire off the wheel.


Watch my video on how to use a tyre lever

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After you watch this video, I think you already know how easily to change  a tube-type motorcycle tyre by your own hands .Good luck..