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In the 1990s, the Suzuki TXR 150 Gamma, a two-stroke motorcycle, was quite popular in Malaysia. It was released together with its identical twin, the TXR 150. (without Gamma). In comparison to the TXR, the TXR Gamma has a larger tank and the front fairing and tail design that is subtly different from one another.

In Malaysia, it was marketed as the Suzuki TXR 150; in Indonesia, it was marketed as the Suzuki RGR 150; and in Thailand, it was marketed as the Suzuki RGV 150.

Suzuki TXR 150 Gamma
Suzuki TXR Gamma

The Suzuki TXR 150 Gamma is a reissue of the TXR Panther

As far as I know, these TXR twins are a reissue model after the Suzuki Panther 150 from the 1980s. There is no difference between the Suzuki Panther and its second coming, the TXR 150 except for the Txr Gamma. Panther is the same model as the Txr 150, and of course, a new paint design was given to it to look fresh for marketing purposes.

And the big update given to Gamma is the electrical system. It used a 12v coil while Panther used a 6v coil.

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Suzuki TXR Panther
Photo: En Kenangan

Panther Jerung

Suzuki Panther and Suzuki Panther Jerung are two different iterations of the 1980s model. It is called Panther Jerung because its head was designed to look like a shark, shark in Malay means “Jerung”.

The Suzuki Panther uses a small fairing that is only attached to the handle, and if you turn the bike, the headlamp follows. For Panther Jerung, uses a semi-full front fairing which is quite long and the headlamp doesn’t move when you turn the steering, just like the fairing on superbikes.

RG150 Sprinter, RGV 150SS, Panther Jerung

Suzuki Panther Jerung
Photo: Park Hum Noi


The Suzuki TXR 150 boasts a compact and sleek design, with dimensions measuring 680mm in length, 1,970mm in height, and 1,120mm in width. Its dry mass stands at a lightweight 99.8kg, making it agile and easy to handle. The motorcycle’s performance is impressive, featuring a maximum horsepower of 26.5 PS at 9,500 RPM and a maximum torque of 2.1 kg.m. at 8,000 RPM.

Powering this two-wheeler is a reliable 2-stroke, forced air-cooled engine, with a piston displacement of 147 CC achieved through a bore x stroke ratio of 59.0 x 54.0 mm. The engine utilizes a Piston and reed valve intake system, delivering smooth and efficient performance

Suzuki TXR 150 SPEC

Source The Bikers Ranger

TXR Gamma Top Speed

The stock TXR Gamma’s top speed has been examined and it’s capable of reaching 160-170 kilometers per hour on the speedometer. However, with some tweaks to the sprocket combination, it can achieve its maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour. Further enhancements to the exhaust system and jetting can transform this bike into a high-speed beast.

Suzuki TXR Gamma Restoration.

I completed the TXR Gamma’s restoration a few days ago; it was a simple, low-cost project that resulted in the color shifting from green to purple and the replacement of a few parts. for the engine, I didn’t touch a lot just replaced the clutch plates and the piston

Suzuki TXR Gamma Restoration.

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