Suzuki TXR 150 Clutch System

TXR 150 Clutch System – Suzuki has always had a fantastic design; ever since they started making bikes up until the present, their machines have stood out from the competition in terms of both shape and engine layout. I find it quite interesting to see an example of how Suzuki created the clutch system for the TXR 150.

The Suzuki TXR 150’s clutch system uses 6 clutch plates and a wire cable from the lever to function as an intermediary when the clutch is pulled, which is essentially the same as the clutch systems on most other 2-stroke street bikes.

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The mechanics of this motorcycle clutch are the only thing that is remarkable; instead of utilizing bolts, it uses a pin system on the spring clutch.

Suzuki TXR 150 Clutch System
Suzuki TXR 150 Clutch System

The Suzuki TXR 150 and the Suzuki TS 125 are two vintage 2-stroke Suzuki models that I’ve seen with this kind of clutch mechanism. Oh, and the Suzuki RC100 has an incredible clutch system as well; but, that’s a topic for another day.

TXR 150 clutch plates

TXR 150 uses a wet clutch system with 6 pieces of the clutch plate, and fiber plates arranged alternately between iron plates. 6 springs are inserted with pins, to give the clutch grip, and use a push rod system releases the clutch from the grip when you pull the clutch lever from the handlebar.

The elasticity of the spring can be adjusted by turning the spring on the clutch housing, and the high or low clutch can be adjusted on the cable adjustment nut on the left side of the engine.

Suzuki TXR 150 Clutch System Video

Here is the short video

How to replace a Clutch plate on Suzuki TXR 150

Changing the clutch on this motorcycle is just as simple as changing the clutch on any other 2-stroke motorcycle if you own it and want to do it yourself. The main difference is that you require a special tool to pull the clutch spring; alternatively, you can pull the spring by hand utilizing the wheel’s spokes.

The arrangement of the clutch plate, which is alternating placed between fiber plate and iron plate, is similar to that of other motorcycles. You can turn the clutch spring to lower it if the clutch is slipping. But refrain from doing so because doing so makes pulling the clutch feel very hard.

Clutch Plates Assembly
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