The simple understanding of Auto Clutch on a motorcycle: How It Works

Auto clutches are a type of clutch system found in motorcycles with a conventional manual transmission. They are designed to allow the engine to run while the motorcycle is idle and in gear, something that cannot be done with a manual hand clutch as the engine would die. One of the main benefits of an auto clutch is that it eliminates the need for riders to use their hand to operate the clutch lever, making it easier and more convenient to ride.

The auto clutch, also known as a secondary clutch, uses clutch plates to connect and disconnect the engine’s power to the rear wheel when shifting gears. 

Auto Clutch on a motorcycle: How It Works

In the automatic clutch system, It utilizes a mechanism called an “auto shoe” to engage and disengage the clutch. 

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When the throttle is open, the auto will catch the floor of the housing to make a connection with the crankshaft, thus allowing the engine’s power to be transmitted to the rear wheel.

When the throttle is closed, the auto shoe disengages the auto clutch housing. In the idle position, the auto shoe is closed, preventing the motorcycle from moving unless the throttle is opened.

At the moment the rider steps on or off the gear lever, the clutch plates in this system are automatically disengaged. This is done using a push rod, hook, or other methods as an intermediate tool.

a motorcycle Auto Clutch Shoe
Auto Clutch Shoe

The Mechanics of an Auto Clutch in a Scooter or Automatic Motorcycle

Automatic motorcycles, like scooters, do not have a traditional clutch. Instead, they use a system known as a ramp clutch. This system is also sometimes referred to as an “auto clutch.”

The Mechanics of an Auto Clutch in a Scooter or Automatic Motorcycle

The ramp clutch system consists of three main parts: the ramp pulley, the drive belt, and the ramp clutch itself. When the motorcycle is idle, the crankshaft is rotating and the ramp pulley, which is attached to the edge of the crankshaft, also rotates and grabs the drive belt.

Because the RPM is low, the belt is not held tightly and cannot engage the ramp pulley. As a result, the shoes inside the ramp clutch are not able to open and engage with the wheel.

Ramp Pulley ball scooter
inside Ramp Pulley

However, when the throttle is opened and the pulley receives more power, the rotation speed increases and the belt becomes tighter. This causes the shoes inside the ramp clutch to open and engage with the wheel, causing the motorcycle to move.

Overall, the auto clutch is a useful and convenient feature that can make riding a motorcycle easier and more enjoyable. It eliminates the need for riders to manually operate the clutch lever, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their ride. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, an auto clutch can be a valuable addition to your motorcycle.

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