Motorcycle Sprocket Ratio Calculator

Try our sprocket ratio calculator to see if you increase or decrease speed & torque by changing your motorcycle's sprocket size.

How It Works

Jump right into calculating your sprocket ratio. Use the dropdowns below to set the current and desired sizes for both front and rear sprockets. Click "Calculate" to see the results and understand the potential changes in torque and speed.

SPROCKETCurrent SizeNew Size
Front Sprocket Size (teeth):
Rear Sprocket Size (teeth):

Current Sprocket Ratio: 0.0000

New Sprocket Ratio: 0.0000

Ratio Change: 0.00%

Change in Torque: 0.00%

Change in Top Speed: 0.00%

Disclaimer: Understanding the Sprocket Ratio Calculator Results

Our Sprocket Ratio Calculator offers insights into the potential percentage increase or decrease in torque and speed that might occur when changing your motorcycle's sprocket sizes. However, it's important to note that the calculated values are approximations and serve as a basic estimation tool.

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